Martha PACHON RODRIGUEZ – Masterclass 3 days from 30th of June to the 2nd of July 2017

“Creation of jewels in earthenware and porcelain”


Martha PACHON-RODRIGUEZ, of Colombian origin, lives and works in Italy.

She is a journalist and editor-assistant for the Italian magazine “La ceramica in Italia e nel mondo”.

It is currently on all major international venues where contemporary ceramic is highlighted.

Her work with colored clays in the mass is very elaborate and delicate.

After a brief presentation of the artist, her work and the techniques that will be tackled during the course, we will quickly move on to practice: demonstration and then direct manipulation of materials allowing a free creativity.

Construction of mixed stoneware and porcelain jewelery.

Development and deepening of different techniques of Nerikomi.

These techniques allow the ceramist to have a wide field of actions in the creation of jewelry as well as the construction of sculptural pieces, furniture and design. They also apply to all clays.

You can make these jewels according to a project already elaborated in advance or after discussion and sketches on the spot.

To conclude, the course will focus on mounting solutions.

Material to bring :

  • Personal tools (modeling tools, ribon tools, stainless scrapers , brushes…)
  • Very fine sandpaper
  • 5 or 6 small pieces of fabric (coton) 10x10cm ou 15x15cm
  • What you need to take notes
  • Apron

Cost of the course:

– 3 days 450

+ Annual membership: 15 €

For trainees wishing to participate in the 2 consecutive courses of Martha, preferential rate of 820 € instead of 900 €.

Participants who will do both courses will  have their first course’s pieces, fired at high temperature.