Simcha EVEN-CHEN – Masterclass Workshop 5 days August, 21th-25th 2017

“Slab-building objects and geometric design using Naked Raku technique”

Simcha Even-Chen is an Israelian ceramist artist.

After extensive studies in biology, biochemistry and biotechnology, Simcha discovered ceramics and professionally invested in these two areas at once.

Her work highly focused on the naked raku with a graphic and a very personal design enables it to quickly enter in the international high-level ceramics world.

Winner of many awards and competitions, she has exhibited worldwide.

She became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics in 2011.

Her works are slab-built, burnished, applied with terra-sigillata and Raku fired using the Naked Raku technique.

In her works, she focuses on tension and balance. Different levels of relationships are created : physical balance, ratio between the geometric surface patterns and the structure of the bodies and tension between the surface and the amorphous pattern resulting from the Raku technique, which creates a dynamic of opposites.

The workshop will focus on slab-building of different shapes of objects followed by, surface treatment such as burnishing and terra-sigillata. After bisque firing we will focus on the surface geometric design and the way of preparing the objects for the Naked Raku firing technique.


Workshop cost :

– 5 days  680€

+ mandatory membership fee : 15€


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