Competition 2019 – Eroticism of Flowers


Who knows how to observe Nature has already seen how delicately sensual the flowers are and they can be extremely erotic in their aesthetics.

It is up to you to bring out in your works this specific aspect in a subtle or more obvious way according to your artistic temperament.

The jury will be composed of members selected from the artistic community (artists, art critics, gallery owners …) and in the institutional environment.

  • 1st Prize : 500€ +  1 residency of one month* + the teaching of a paid workshop** + exhibition in the Terra Rossa Museum (one month ) in 2020
  • 2nd Prize : 1 month residency* + exhibition in the Terra Rossa Museum (one month ) in 2020
  • 3rd Prize :  exhibition in the Terra Rossa Museum  (one month ) in 2020
  • « Public » Special prize : One Masterclass workshop of your choice in 2020

From 25 to 50 works can be selected. They will be exhibited*** at the C-kOMSA Gallery in Salernes in 2019. The exact dates will be communicated later.

1rst step : application (deadline : January 31th 2019)
2d step : sending photos of the finalized piece, accompanied by a text illustrating the artistic approach (deadline : february 28th 2019)
3rd step : communication of results (list of selected candidates on our website : March 15th 2019)
4th step : shipment of the selected works (receipt deadline : April 15th 2019)

Registration fees (mandatory and non-refundable in case of withdrawal): 35 €, payable by card via Paypal. Registration will only be processed upon receipt of payment. The cost includes the annual membership fee.

*under the same conditions as paid residencies  (see our website)

**The artist, laureate of the 1st prize must have experience in the transmission of know-how and pedagogy and the workshop must relate to an original technique which is specific to him. Otherwise, VIA may decide that the organization of an workshop will not be appropriate.

***In case of sale, the commission is 50%